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December 2009

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hall twins

Craig Counsell, SS 2. Casey McGehee, 2B 3. Ryan Braun, LF 4. Prince Fielder, 1B 5. Mike Cameron, CF 6. Mat Gamel, DH 7. Bill Hall , 3B 8. Jody Gerut, RF 9. Jason Kendall, C. Starting pitcher: RH Braden Looper (4-3, 4.26).

Easy 10 points, Does she like me?

Sorry for this being so long but I want to give the details.

tl;dr version:

This girl gives me mixed signals and acts different around her friends than in front of me but we still say hi when we see each other.

Full version:

I've known her since 8th grade but only started talking to her this year, 10th grade. She's a twin and really popular and beautiful but she's not as outgoing as her circle of friends. She's a likeable person but she's never had a boyfriend or a first kiss and she's 16, same as me.

The main thing we share is consecutive Spanish classes rather than the same one, which the same friend also has with her. We pass in the halls after class and unless she's talking with someone she'll wave and smile to me and say hi. If we had a test or quiz I'll tell both her and her friend about it. It seems though that she used to walk with her friend more often but now she's often far behind.

One time I stayed after the last bell and got to my locker like 5 minutes late and started talking to her then started walking far behind her friends. When the conversation slowed down I told her it was fine if she wanted to catch up to her friends and she said she "didn't mind it" and was just a "slow walker anyway".

-She also often laughs at whatever joke I make as bad as it may be.
-Smiles whenever we talk
-Always looks me in the eye when we talk
-Acts more friendly when we're alone like one time I saw her at a baseball game in the parking lot and she seemed happy to see me.
-Complimented my intelligence (I do have a 4.0 GPA)

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