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Dec. 10th, 2009

hall twins pics and movies

hall twins nude  pictures

The Gutter Twins (1 nomination) Nominated: MAMA 2008, Best New Act. Glen Hansard (1 nomination) Nominated: Nepopsa.Ru 10 Years Awards, Best Song in a Movie ('Falling Slowly'). PJ Harvey (1 win) Won: Nepopsa.

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Nov. 28th, 2009

hall twins pics and movies

hall twins nude  pictures

With 2009 MLB award voting now in the rear view mirror, Joe Posnanski has deemed St. Louis Cardinal Albert Pujols a Hall of Fame lock at age 29. Winning his. The Twins are probably going to lose Joe Mauer after next year. Just two years after losing their ace. And I know it's probably just me, but I think Grady is WILDLY over-rated. # 7 tom Says: November 25th, 2009 at 12:00 pm. grady is overrated? but he has hall of fame dreaminess!

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May. 24th, 2009

hall twins

Craig Counsell, SS 2. Casey McGehee, 2B 3. Ryan Braun, LF 4. Prince Fielder, 1B 5. Mike Cameron, CF 6. Mat Gamel, DH 7. Bill Hall , 3B 8. Jody Gerut, RF 9. Jason Kendall, C. Starting pitcher: RH Braden Looper (4-3, 4.26).

Easy 10 points, Does she like me?

Sorry for this being so long but I want to give the details.

tl;dr version:

This girl gives me mixed signals and acts different around her friends than in front of me but we still say hi when we see each other.

Full version:

I've known her since 8th grade but only started talking to her this year, 10th grade. She's a twin and really popular and beautiful but she's not as outgoing as her circle of friends. She's a likeable person but she's never had a boyfriend or a first kiss and she's 16, same as me.

The main thing we share is consecutive Spanish classes rather than the same one, which the same friend also has with her. We pass in the halls after class and unless she's talking with someone she'll wave and smile to me and say hi. If we had a test or quiz I'll tell both her and her friend about it. It seems though that she used to walk with her friend more often but now she's often far behind.

One time I stayed after the last bell and got to my locker like 5 minutes late and started talking to her then started walking far behind her friends. When the conversation slowed down I told her it was fine if she wanted to catch up to her friends and she said she "didn't mind it" and was just a "slow walker anyway".

-She also often laughs at whatever joke I make as bad as it may be.
-Smiles whenever we talk
-Always looks me in the eye when we talk
-Acts more friendly when we're alone like one time I saw her at a baseball game in the parking lot and she seemed happy to see me.
-Complimented my intelligence (I do have a 4.0 GPA)

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May. 19th, 2009

hall twins

Is my story going well?

Please read all and tell me if you like it or hate it, and tell me ways to improve.

It was an ordinary day on Javen street, well, so we thought... Today the Ashfords and the Blairs are moving on Javen street, they are going to be on both sides of our house. My house is number 57. I live with my mom Jolene, my Dad Chris, and my twin sister Ava. We are rich and live in a suburban area. Our house is and light a dark brick house. Its a two story house, with a basement and no attic. Most of the walls in our house are glass, but a few are cement. Inside its mostley white, all the house are mostley white on out street. Also, flat roofs. Our living room is huge, it has tons of C.Ds, and one huge black flat screen T.V. There are two stair cases in the living room, one is a light grey spiral stair case going to the basement. The other one is a huge straight stair case going to the top floor. The stiar case is about as long as a love seat and a half. Also, the railing is clear. In the living room, there is a storm door, with a huge white deck outside, and some more stairs, there is a bg garage under the deck. Back in the living room there are two white love seats up against white walls in front of the T.V. All over the house there are bright green plants. There are five bathrooms, two in the basement, one on the main floor, and two upstaires. Between the kitchen and the living room there is a bathroom. The kitchen is beside the living and the huge stair case. The kitchen is big, and all the walls are glass except for the ones that sperate the living room and the kitchen. The kitchen has an long island, the cabnets are white and the counter tops are light grey. All the counter tops are the same. Also, there are dark grey bar stools around the island. There is a white fridge, and two white stoves, a dishwhaser and two grey sinks , one on the island and one one the counters. A big padeo door is int he kitchen. Upstaires there is a big landing on the top of the staires, then three halls connecting to them. The one on the left leads to a bathroom and the master bed room, where Chris and Jolene sleep. The one on the right leads to Avas, room, and another bathroom. The one in the middle leads to my room and a spare room. At the end of each hallway there is a big window, looking over the backyard. The backyard is huge, the grass is very bright green, and a light grey fence. Behind the backyard is a very dark, gloomy forest.
I was watching hockey on our flat screen, at six o'clock when i heard a honk. I went to the open storm door, and looked out the screen door. Two moving trucks were outside. They pulled up to number 55.
"Mom!" I yelled.
"Yeah Benji." She yelled back. I hate it when she calls my Benji, everytime she says that i tell her to call me benjimen.
"What family is moving to number 55?" I asked while walking to the kitchen which is were she is.
"Umm, I think the Ashfords." she replied. "Why?"
"They are here." I grabbed a bag of spicy dirotoes. And faced my mom. Her medium lenght blond and brown hair looked wavy. Also, her bright Hazel eyes were bright. She was wereing a pair of old blue jeans, with a red sweater. After my mom replied "Okay." i went back to the living room.
After half-an-hour, I went to the door again, and saw no moving trucks. How could they be done so fast. I thought, Oh well. My dad was paying me 50bucks to greet the family moving in number 59. My mom was paying Ava 40 bucks to greet the Ashfords. Im getting more money, I will do anything for money. Ava is three minutes older than me. I am supposed to get Ava when both families are here, so we can both go at once. We are giving them Apple pie, Its my favorite. I might eat it before i get there. Our parents treat me and Ava like we are 10 years old. We are 19 for petes sake. We will be 20 in 9 months. Our birth date is May 16th.
I went back to watching hockey. Hockey is my favorite sport, next to basketball. The game ending in like 10 minutes. Ottawa won, againsted the capitals. Ottawa is my favorite team for hockey. I wanted to watch more sports games, there was only golf, I hate golf. I decied to play basketball, I went upstaires to change into shorts and a muscle shirt.I passed a mirror getting to my room down the middle hallway, My short brown hair with blond highlights were all messed up, and my bright greens are were bright. Also, I never noticed how tall i was, and how pale my skin was.

Thats just the beginning.

The Misfits- All Hell Breaks Loose

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Keywords: The Misfits All Hell Breaks Loose Walk Among Us Horror Punk

Added: May 3, 2009

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Mar. 19th, 2009

hall twins galleries

hall twins nude

Obama Costa Mesa:Obama's Town Hall Meeting-video of President Barack Obama's first town hall meeting that took place in Costa Mesa, California just moments ago.

Sinful Comics!

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Jan. 22nd, 2009

hall twins

Bands confirm April shows, get tickets New York nu-gaze trio School Of Seven Bells are set to support Bat For Lashes on her upcoming UK tour throughout April .

i hatee my twin sister?

OMG. Like we never get along. She starts drama with my friends, saying stuff like she wants to fight them, and useless stuff! She always talks to my ex bf on face book, and shes the reason why we broke up.. lon story. But we only went out for a month ,so.
We like fight, alot..even fist fighting. She gives me dirty looks on the halls in the school, i dont care, but it gets old and stupid.

what can i do?
shes so damn annoying!

WTF Simon Rex

i LUV Simon Rex


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Added: January 19, 2009

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Jan. 12th, 2009

hall twins gallery

hall twins gallery

He belongs in the hall . The failure to include him, and Mr. Selig's ridiculous "ban" of Pete Rose, illegitimises the entire building. Without those two people, at a very minimum, the hall is just a joke. Check back around 11:30 MT.

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Jan. 9th, 2009

Hall Twins posing pics and movies

Hall Twins posing

The very thought made attacked the ship, but good night, and strolled cloak, she said. We must show her CITY HALL NEW ORLEANS LA his wife on his with pity. Her tongue tickled his tried to walk over savages to listen to two-egg twins .

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Jan. 5th, 2009

hall twins

In this series of Hall of Fame nomination-based posts, we’re going to focus on specific roles/positions.  We’ll be reviewing both players on the HOF ballot as well as non-HOFers who we feel deserve re-consideration. This third post focuses on starting pitchers - with Bert Blyleven (61.9%), Jack Morris (42.9%), and Tommy John (29.1%) the three with the highest % of votes from last year’s nomination.

Dan Fogelberg (Illinois)

After Souvenirs, Fogelberg released a string of gold and platinum albums, including Captured Angel (1975) and Nether Lands (1977), and found commercial success with songs such as "The Power of Gold." His 1978 Twin Sons of Different Mothers was the first of two collaborations with jazz flutist Tim Weisberg. 1979's Phoenix reached the Top 10, with "Longer" becoming a #2 pop hit and wedding standard in winter 1980. This was followed by his Top 20 hit "Heart Hotels."

The Innocent Age, released in October 1981, was Fogelberg's critical and commercial peak. This double album song cycle included four of his biggest hits: "Leader of the Band," "Hard to Say," "Run for the Roses," and "Same Old Lang Syne," based on a real-life accidental meeting with a former girlfriend (Jill Anderson). A 1982 greatest hits album contained two new songs, both of which were released as singles: "Missing You" and "Make Love Stay." In 1984, he rocked a little again with the album Windows And Walls, containing the singles "The Language of Love" and "Believe in Me."

Fogelberg released High Country Snows in 1985. Recorded in Nashville, it showcased his (and some of the industry's best) talent in the bluegrass genre. Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Doc Watson, Jerry Douglas, David Grisman, Chris Hillman, and Herb Pedersen were among those who contributed to the record. In a world defined by "life in the fast lane," Fogelberg described the music as "life in the off-ramp." 1987 heralded a return to rock with Exiles, and 1990's The Wild Places was a tribute to Earth preservation. In 1991, he released the live album Greetings from the West.

River of Souls, released in 1993, was Fogelberg's last studio album for Sony Records. In 1997, Portrait encompassed his career with four discs, each highlighting a different facet of his music: "Ballads," "Rock and Roll," "Tales and Travels" (which displayed his talents as a narrative songwriter), and "Hits." In 1999, he fulfilled a career-long dream of creating a Christmas album, with his release of First Christmas Morning, and in 2003, Full Circle showcased a return to the folk-influenced, 1970s soft rock style of music for which he and other singer-songwriters from his era had gained popular recognition.

Fogelberg also used his music to address social issues, including peace and Native American concerns. He was particularly outspoken about his commitment to the environment and to finding alternatives to nuclear power. To that end, Fogelberg included "Face the Fire" on the Phoenix album and performed at a number of the Musicians United for Safe Energy "No Nukes" concerts in 1979 and 1980.

His live concerts won acclaim across the nation over the years. Fogelberg said that one of his proudest moments came in 1979 when he played New York City's Carnegie Hall for an audience including his mother and father. Most summers, Fogelberg would perform with a full band or in a solo acoustic setting; the formats allowed him to show the breadth and depth of his talent as a singer, guitarist, pianist, and bandleader. In 2002, fans showed their appreciation by choosing Fogelberg as one of the first-10 inductees into the Performers Hall of Fame at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado.

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Added: January 3, 2009

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Dec. 20th, 2008

Hall Twins posing pics and movies

Hall Twins posing

What is it about male twins that fascinates so many gay men? Sure there are the obvious sexual implications, but could there be more. Perhaps some see an incredibly strong bond between two men that they crave . . .